Sustainable Living - for Home, Neighborhood, Community

Sustainable Living

For Home, Neighborhood and Community

Save energy - save resources - save money - live better

Format: Paperback - 6" x 9" - 164 pages
ISBN-13: 9780965900058
LCCN: 2006940827
Publisher: Westsong Publishing

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giftSustainable Living makes an excellent holiday or birthday present. Even better, why not include it in a (reusable, of course) gift basket along with a couple of compact fluorescent bulbs, and some packs of vegetable seeds?

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About This Book

Sustainable Living isn't about buying greener things; it's about buying fewer things. It's about spending less money, and getting more out of life.

Sustainable Living for Your Home, Neighborhood and Community is about your home—inside and outside—and how you can use less energy, spend less money, and enjoy it more.

It's about your neighborhood and how you and your neighbors can benefit from working and sharing together. It's about your community and how all of its neighborhoods and residents can benefit from cooperative effort.

Most of all, Sustainable Living is about saving you money, improving your life, and giving you the tools you need to deal with an unknown future.

Note: If you're concerned about oil depletion, we recommend that you purchase the expanded version of this book titled Peak Oil Prep: Prepare for Peak Oil, Climate Change and Economic Collapse.


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